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About us

Gaming on another level

About us

Gaming on another level

Where it all started

+Gear was developed in a small town in Switzerland. After years of extended gaming (some would say “obsessive”) we were fed up with the design of standard controllers. After prolonged arguing and doing nothing to improve the situation, we finally decided to design add-ons to the existing options.

With a small team of graphic and product designers, we developed +Gear: from gamers, for gamers. Why we think it’s a good product? Because it improved our gaming experience. +Gear stands for more intuitive an ergonomic gaming; thanks to an attachable scroll wheel and faster trigger reaction and the possibility to press more buttons without having to change your preferred hand position.

Indeed, we claim that +Gear improved our gaming experience so much, that we have no one left to blame for losing except us.

This is how we do it

All products are 3d printed. This allows us to continually improve our products and cost effective customization according to your wishes. Furthermore, the packaging is designed and produced by ourselves. 

The filament employed is based on biodegradable lactic acid. While we know it’s still plastic, we strive to develop products which have the least impact on our environment. For the same reason, the packaging is made by us, in order to reduce shipping.

Because we care about our planet.

Gaming and product design

+Gear is mainly designed by Silvan and help from his friends. 

Silvan has been working as graphic and product designer for over 15 years. While he brings his knowledge from his work to plusgear, his gaming know-how is also added. Silvan has been a gamer since the beginning of time and will remain so for a long time to come.