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ExoPad for Xbox – Front Paddle for Controller


+easy to install: Set up your ExoPad in under a minute!
+more buttons: Press more buttons without taking your thumb off the stick!
+functionality: Adjust the height as it suits you best!

Get ready for the first front paddles for controller attachment, the ExoPad. Check out the short video here: Xbox ExoPad Instruction

Give your finger the opportunity to reach more buttons more comfortably.

The ExoPad for Xbox works with the default Xbox Series S/X controller and Xbox One controller as well as with the Xbox Elite Series 2 and Scuf Instinct controller. Click here for the ExoPad for Astro C40, ExoPad for PS4, ExoPad for PS5

Now press even more buttons without taking your thumb off the analog stick. The ExoPad front paddle for controller offers two additional paddles for your controller. The ExoPad front paddle attachment for Xbox is easy to install. In less than a minute you can enjoy the benefit of two paddles on the front of your controller. Jump, crouch, build or do many other things without changing the position of your fingers. Due to the unique properties of the material we use, which is based on lactic acid, the ExoPad is stable as well as flexible and can withstand a lot. Adjust the paddles in the way that is most comfortable for you. With the different heights you can achieve maximum comfort when gaming.


The ExoPad for Xbox consists of:

  • Base Plate with Extra strong double-sided tape attached to it
  • 2 x Front Paddles for triangle button and view button
  • 2 x Flat Front Paddles for triangle button and view button
  • 1 x Middle Plate
  • 6 x Hight Adjustment Plates to adjust the height for maximum comfort
  • 2 x Spare Tape
  • Cleaning Cloth

We are testing every product for its full functionality before shipping.



Watch our instruction video here: Xbox ExoPad Instruction


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