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ProScroller V3 – Controller Scroll Wheel

(32 customer reviews)


+easy to install: Set up your ProScroller in under a minute with magnetic attachment!
+no compromise: Place the scroll wheel wherever you want on your Controller!
+additional functions: Additional middle mouse button, remapping functions and upgradeable!
+functionality: ProScroller works exactly like a normal mouse scroll wheel! Works on PC, Playstation and Xbox!

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The ProScroller V3

The ProScroller V3 is the further developed version of the popular ProScroller V2 scroll wheel for controller. This product increases the range of configuration possibilities for games like Fortnite, Halo, Minecraft and much more by introducing the scroll wheel and an additional button.

While the Scroll wheel for controller offers the scroll up and down functions, the additional button can be used as a middle mouse button in the standard configuration.

What's new?

Many different functions! A lot of new things are possible with the ProScroller V3. The scroll wheel and button can reproduce almost all keys and functions of a mouse or keyboard. (No macros can be created as this is forbidden in many games.)

Of course your aimasisst will continue to work smoothly in Fortnite when using the scroll wheel. As with the V2, the game input device remains on the controller when using the V3.

But that’s not all, the ProScroller can be expanded with up to two additional buttons. Personalize your controller as you like. Or you want to connect a foot paddle? Another shape for the button? No problem! All this will be possible with the ProScroller V3 in the future.

The ProScroller V3 consists of

  • 1 x scroll wheel with 0.8 meter cable

  • 1 x button with 0.8 meter cable

  • 1 x USB-C 1.2 meter cable

  • 1 x spare tape

  • 1 x cleaning cloth

  • 2 x metal plates

  • 3 x Cable ties

    We are testing every product for its full functionality before shipping.

What else you get

The ProScroller V3 works for controllers linked to PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X and more. Also visit our FAQ page for detailed information.

With the new improvements, the ProScroller V3 is the way to go! Among other things, these are: A rubberized wheel for more comfort, magnetic attachment to the controller for easy finding and adjusting the perfect position. And don’t forget the “Right to Repair” principle. If something breaks, you can easily replace the part without buying a completely new product.

On the hardware side, the ProScroller V3 also has a lot to offer. The wheel itself now uses the same hardware as gaming mice from renowned manufacturers such as Logitech. With the new TTC encoder, the wheel achieves a running time of at least 25 million steps. Also the scroll feeling is new, it’s much more tactical now.

How to install your ProScroller

Installing the ProScroller has never been easier. Simply place one of the supplied metal plates in the approximate place where you want the ProScroller to be. Put the ProScroller on it, which thanks to its magnets has an adhesive force of over 3kg. Slide the ProScroller to the right place for you and off you go!

  1. Clean your controller with the supplied cleaning cloth at the place where you want the ProScroller/button.
  2. Place one of the metal tiles and press it firmly to the controller.
  3. Put the ProScroller/Button on it, which will hold magnetically on the plate.
  4. Plug in the ProScroller using the provided USB A to USB C cable.
  5. If you do connect your controller by cable, use the provided velcro cable management stripes to bundle the controller and ProScroller cable together.
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Need help with your ProScroller?

Do you have more Questions? Check out our FAQ or contact us via contact form, by mail to or by DM on Twitter or Instagram

32 reviews for ProScroller V3 – Controller Scroll Wheel

  1. SpyroVT (verified owner)

    I give a 5 star rating for the ProScroller. The ProScroller is easy to get used to and has a lot of adhesive. I removed the adhesive twice and I still have a little extra. The adhesive is very strong and doesn’t come off. It is also only $37 USD. For the price and quality, I highly recommend this. (Don’t forget to use someone’s code for a discount.)

  2. SpyroVT (verified owner)

    I give a 5 star rating for their customer service. They respond fairly quickly. Every time I messaged them, they responded in less than 24 hours. They are always respectful and understandable of your feelings on either delays, canceling orders, etc.

  3. jondon3323 (verified owner)

    Got it in the mail yesterday. Hooked it up. Hardest part was trying to hold it in different places and seeing what felt most comfortable bc you can’t hold the controller naturally. But anyway it felt better underneath for me. Stuck with ease. Tried it out and it was everything I had hoped for. Haha. Game changer for fortnite controller players.

  4. DARC (verified owner)

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐By far one of the best attachment you can add onto controller. I have mine placed directly underneath my controller, central allowing for quick reset plays with my left middle finger. Highly recommend this product as a coach on proguides I’ll say you won’t regret this purchase for sure 😃

  5. Pierre Smith (verified owner)

    amazing defo worth trying

  6. lordmegatronlives (verified owner)

    This is the best scroll wheel for controller on the market, couldn’t be happier with the product!

  7. janolopez94 (verified owner)

    I have been using it for 3 months and it works perfectly, I suggest having an spare one if you’re European. Now that I have one I cannot think about playing without it ever again

  8. janolopez94 (verified owner)

    I have been using it for 3 months and it works perfectly, I suggest having an spare one if you’re European. You won’t want to wait for other one in case it breaks

  9. RENE VELEZ (verified owner)

    Excellent product worth every dollar! I use this product almost everyday with no issues whatsoever. I highly recommend this purchase. I can’t wait to see what the next iteration of this scroll wheel will be!

  10. rubenabarca09 (verified owner)

    My scroll wheel resets on controller is so amazing I would suggest everyone get it

  11. Montavious Brianvil (verified owner)

    this website is amazing even through all the mishalfs they helped me through the process great people

  12. Victor César de Paula Rangel (verified owner)

    Don’t know if this is a recurrent issue, but mine had a problem where the gap between the wheel and the other pieces was so tight that was hard to move with only a finger, so I had to disassemble a bit, sandpaper, and then lubricate the wheel for it to move freely. After doing this it’s working fine, but maybe would be nice to make a bigger gap to prevent this.

    • megaapp (verified owner)

      Thanks for the feedback, we are already working on a solution to the problem. Usually we make sure that the gap is big enough, but it can sometimes be compressed during shipping. But we will soon have a solution to prevent this from happening again.

  13. Tetuariki-Akaiti Samuela (verified owner)

    The scroll wheel is easy to attach to the controller and is the best no brainer attachment. Just as quick as a mouse wheel reset on fortnite. I love my scroll wheel and have ordered another!!!!

  14. Tetuariki-Akaiti Samuela (verified owner)

    The service was also pristine. I gave an old address residing in another country and The company were with me every step of the way to redirect and have my scroll wheel sent to the correct address. By far the best customer service and product that I have purchased ever!!!!

  15. Vicki B Kansas City (verified owner)

    The scroller was for my grandson and he’s so very happy with it! The communication with this company was fantastic!
    Always prompt and courteous when I had questions.
    Do not hesitate dealing with them for a purchase. Happy in Kansas!
    Vicki B

  16. Tetuariki-Akaiti Samuela (verified owner)

    I’ve Purchased 2x 4 Pack of Green tape one for my partners ps5 controller and myself only need to cut a small amount so you don’t really use much which is a bonus!!!! Definitely would recommend buying extra tape when purchasing a scroll wheel our standard ones weren’t as sticky as the Green one (abit more heavy duty which i love).

  17. Cliff (verified owner)

    The scroll wheel attachment was easy to install and great to use with Fortnite. Awesome customer service if I had any questions and concerns. Best scroll wheel out there and would highly recommend it. Buy one or two today!!!

  18. a_diaz12345 (verified owner)

    Have ordered several times with these guys and love there service. I will continue to order their products as long as they stay in business! Thanks Plusgear team.

  19. Curt Town (verified owner)

    I’ve only had the ProScroller a month but I wish I had it years ago! I play Fortnite no-builds and use the ProScroller for quick weapon switch, and it really has improved my gameplay, especially during intense close up battles.

    • megaapp (verified owner)

      Thanks for the review! I thought for a long time that it can also help in Zero Build, now I have the confirmation 🙂

  20. losvergascrew (verified owner)

    The product is too good and easy to install, even configuring it from there on out was fine, but the only details there were was the package that came somewhat damaged but after connecting everything and testing it for a few hours it worked fine so there was no problem, and The last detail was that the selected color did not arrive since they ended up sending me a different one. That was the biggest disappointment I had with the product, they should pay more attention to it so that it does not happen to someone else, in the end I recommend it.

    • megaapp (verified owner)

      Thanks for the review! Unfortunately, we know that shipping is one of those things that we unfortunately have almost no influence on. With the new ProScroller V3, however, we have been able to improve the situation as we have made additional packaging again, so we hope that the packages will arrive in better condition in the future. Regarding the wrong color, I will write you an email right away, I am very sorry that you did not receive the right one.

  21. Alejamdro Perez (verified owner)

    This is awesome product, very easy to install and is a game changer I really recommend everyone to buy this awesome scroller

  22. Håvard Hermansen (verified owner)

    Good product

  23. a_diaz12345 (verified owner)

    Back again as always and love there products!

  24. jbradinghr (verified owner)

    This device is amazing. It has radically improved my gameplay experience. I am using it primarily for Fortnite and I play in console. Being able to use scroll wheel and mouse click inputs really expands my key bind/mapping capabilities. Very well made and customer service is stellar. Do expect a longer wait time than you are used to if you are in US. American standards for delivery time are unreasonable I think. Just make sure you manage your expectations. It took around 2 weeks to arrive which for me was no problem. Order ASAP!! You will not regret this purchase.

  25. Tim Weidenmüller (verified owner)

    richtig gute Verarbeitung, ich musste mich nicht
    mal wirklich daran gewöhnen sondern hab es einfach direkt gekonnt so als ich nie anders gespielt und es ist wirklich anders wild mit dem instant reset, ich hab den Knopf auf meinen 2. Slot gemacht damit ich immer auf die pump komme wenn ich ihn drücke um direkt reagieren zu können wenn ein gegner plötzlich vor mir steht.

    Fazit: Top Qualität, einfach zu bedienen und sehr schneller und freundlicher Support.

  26. hilltoplax17 (verified owner)

    I have been a huge fan of +gear for the past couple of years. I have purchased and utilized all of their 3 pro scrollers. For the v3, I use both the scroll wheel attachment and the mouse button. I love using my mouse button, it sits right next to RT and I have it bound to tactical sprint (for Fortnite). Today however, my proscroller v3 ran into a problem regarding the mouse button. Whenever I click my mouse button, it doesn’t always respond. Sometimes it will, and sometimes it won’t. I am curious, have any other users experienced issues with their mouse buttons? I really love the proscroller v3 and I am hoping I can fix this issue.

    Response from Plusgear:
    Thank you for your feedback, we are very pleased that you like the ProScroller so much! As for the button, I’m sorry it doesn’t work properly anymore. Please send me an email to with your order number. We will take a look at the problem and surely find a solution. After all, we give a 1-year guarantee on every ProScroller.

    • megaapp (verified owner)

      Thank you for your feedback, we are very pleased that you like the ProScroller so much! As for the button, I’m sorry it doesn’t work properly anymore. Please send me an email to with your order number. We will take a look at the problem and surely find a solution. After all, we give a 1-year guarantee on every ProScroller.

  27. davonte williams (verified owner)

    Very good product im so much faster with this scroller and the button is so handy i use it for pickaxe so i cn automatically take walls fast without removing my thumb from R3 to hit triangle its helped so much

  28. brandon_mondragon (verified owner)

    This scroll wheel is game changing! If you’re second guessing about buying one don’t! It’ll be the smartest buy for your gaming needs! Works just as intended and you can easily see how much you improve, it’s insane! Amazing product and amazing customer service!!

  29. armanfdev (verified owner)

    Amazing product. I play on XSX and PS5 consoles, and it helps me better compete against PC M&K players on Fortnite. I’ve used it on both Xbox and PS 4-paddle controllers. Best controller accessory I’ve ever purchased. Also, excellent customer service.

  30. samevans2010 (verified owner)

    This is an amazing attachment if you want to get better at fortnite 10/10 recommend if your thinking about buying it you should

  31. bryan_kearney (verified owner)

    Great product and even better customer service. Brilliant communication and very helpful. Quick delivery to Ireland! Thanks again

  32. Zonya Zuniga (verified owner)

    I purchased the ProScroller, and it exceeded my expectations. The build quality is very good and comfortable, and it performs flawlessly. It’s incredibly convenient and has made my gaming experience much easier. What’s even more impressive is the outstanding customer service I received from PlusGear. They were prompt, helpful, and went above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction. I highly recommend this product to anyone that plays games.

  33. michaelviera15 (verified owner)

    Paid 30$ for 1-2day shipping and didn’t get for 6 days and they didn’t think they should refund the shipping part of the order atleast also this my second scroll wheel in less than a year the are not long lasting nor durable I think the V2 was far better but they don’t even sell it anymore ig so yea don’t waste ur money


    Hi Michael

    First of all, I’m very sorry that you were unhappy with our service and that of FedEx. However, I have to point out that the shipping costs were not 30 USD but 22.62 USD. But as I already informed you by email, you ordered on Wednesday after 3 p.m. CET, which means that the package will not be shipped until the following day. The package was then sent on Thursday and arrived on Monday. Since weekends are excluded from the specified delivery days, the package arrived after 2 days as stated. You can find all of this information in our terms and conditions. In addition, our customers also receive some of this information in the confirmation email.

    About the broken ProScroller, I’m very sorry. We give a 1 year guarantee on all of our products. In any case, if you have a broken ProScroller or another of our products, we will be happy to help you solve the problem as quickly as possible.

    Regarding the V2, it is no longer available, precisely for the reason that the V3 is more stable and durable. We try to constantly improve our products to guarantee the longest possible service life.

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