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Zonya Zuniga
(verified owner) – 12. March 2024
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I purchased the ProScroller, and it exceeded my expectations. The build quality is very good and comfortable, and it performs flawlessly. It’s incredibly convenient and has made my gaming experience much easier. What’s even more impressive is the outstanding customer service I received from PlusGear. They were prompt, helpful, and went above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction. I highly recommend this product to anyone that plays games.
(verified owner) – 4. February 2024
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This is an amazing attachment if you want to get better at fortnite 10/10 recommend if your thinking about buying it you should
(verified owner) – 3. February 2024
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Amazing product. I play on XSX and PS5 consoles, and it helps me better compete against PC M&K players on Fortnite. I’ve used it on both Xbox and PS 4-paddle controllers. Best controller accessory I’ve ever purchased. Also, excellent customer service.
(verified owner) – 12. January 2024
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This scroll wheel is game changing! If you’re second guessing about buying one don’t! It’ll be the smartest buy for your gaming needs! Works just as intended and you can easily see how much you improve, it’s insane! Amazing product and amazing customer service!!
About us

Plusgear was developed in a small town in Switzerland. After years of extended gaming (some would say “obsessive”) we were fed up with the design of standard controllers. After prolonged arguing and doing nothing to improve the situation, we finally decided to design add-ons to the existing options.

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ExoPad V2 Front Paddle attachment Controller Attachment installed on a PS4 Dual Shock Controller
Designed in Switzerland

We do nearly everything ourselves from scratch: design, printing, testing, redesign, packaging, distribution and customization according to your wishes.